Malawian traders using unchartered routes from ‘covid-19 free’ Tanzania

Some Malawians trading in boutiques ordered in neighboring Tanzania have embraced using unchartered routes when going and coming from Tanzania, the ‘covid-19 free’ country, Akometsi have established.

It has been unveiled that the traders have discovered other uncommon ways unknown to immigration officials in their quest to still be thriving in their businesses irrespective of government curfews put in place to contain the spread of corona virus.

It has also been discovered by Akometsi that the boutique managers use the routes during odd hours as part of their escape plan from immigration officials.

That Malawian boundaries with Tanzania have enormous indirect routes is an obvious undeniable fact and it is also in proper factualism that a lot of trespassing happen through these unguarded pathways.

One of such routes is at a place along Songwe river. It is pronounced by locals as ‘Kwapusi’. Through this place, nationals from Malawi and Tanzania cross in and out of their respective countries.

According to one of the regular passer of this illegal route, the place is also used as a trading hotspot for traders from Malawi and Tanzania.

“It has served as a trading place for some time now,” he said. “In Karonga, we’ve a lot of routes to and from Tanzania. We’re relatives with our colleagues from Tanzania. We share much in common.”

Through Chitipa district, it has also been discovered by Akometsi, Malawians have also established some illegal routes to Tanzania. With reports that Tanzania is free from the global pandemic, people are no longer observing this public health guideline which urge everyone to stay home and stay safe.

“We now go to order our things from Tanzania as usual,” said another trader. “There is no corona virus there.”

Local authorities in Chitipa and Karonga have expressed concerns over this development with revelations that besides people trekking to Zambia through unchartered routes, others go to Zambia.

“If they say that their justification for resuming their unchecked errands to Tanzania is because that country is now free from corona virus, what about those going to Zambia?” Wondered Village headman Mwakisulu in a telephone interview.

He added: “Their tendency is unbecoming during this epoch of corona virus. Everyone has to check his movement to lessen the spread of this plague.”

In Rumphi and Mzimba where Malawi boarders with Zambia, it has been established by Akometsi that business is as usual.

People from the two countries are still using their usual bush routes to do business with each other.

“At Bwanyonga in hewe, Rumphi, every Wednesday, there’s a joint market between Zambian nationals and Malawians,” said one of our sources there.

Immigration officials in these districts confirmed that they’re not aware about such illegalities happening in Malawian boundaries but were upbeat to step their game in tracking the illegal immigrants.

Recently, it was reported in the media, that Malawian boundaries with other countries are the easiest to pass because they have numerous bush routes.

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