MACRA dates Civil Aviation on efficiency after plans to resume flights

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) and Department of Civil Aviation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on aviation efficiency following the aviation’s interest to resume flights.

According to civil aviation representative James chakwera, plans of resuming flights are in a pipeline as other countries have already done that.

“Covid 19 has come to stay so we have designed strategies that will help to control covid 19 spreading while flights are operating,” said Chakwera.

Commenting on the issue, Macra director general Henry Shamu said they will make sure the aviation radio system is of better quality all the times.

“Flights depend on communication to take off and land so if the communication system is not good, then the lives of the passengers are in danger,” Shamu said.

He further added that under the agreement they have made, the two will work hand in hand in planning as well as sharing resources where need be.

On april 1 2020, thE Department of Civil Aviation suspended flights following directive from government to control the spread of corona virus.

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