TNM to increase the country’s top league sponsorship

Akometsi Sports

TNM the official sponsors of the Malawi football super league have agreed in principle to raise their sponsorship. The development has brought out a lot of excitement to the football fraternity in the country.

In a discussion for the new contract between the sponsors and the custodians of the league-SULOM, TNM has agreed to increase the money which they pump into the top flight league.

For quite some time teams and players have lamented that the country’s league Sponsorship ranks very low as compared to most countries in the region.

Tiya Somba Banda confirmed the development but was quick to point out that the details of the agreement will be released later in the month once negotiations are over between SULOM and TNM.

“We have also made a move to have kit sponsors as a way for teams to raise extra money. The kit sponsors will make adverts on the team jerseys” said Tiya Somba Banda.

The kit sponsorship will be another exciting development as many clubs in the league have continued to face a lot of financial hurdles in running their teams. This presents a great opportunity for the teams to consolidate some financial muscles through this endeavor.

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