Things are not well for millionaire cadet Jomo, he is quitting football sponsorship

By Duncan Kaonga

Owner of Ntwopwa football teams, Isaac Jomo Osman commonly known as Ntopwa 1 says he is contemplating quiting sponsorships to his teams in the country.

Osman is the owner of TNM Super league outfit, Ntopwa FC, Southern region women’s football side, Ntopwa Queens and other six grassroots teams in Blantyre which are under his belt.

The outspoken Osman says the decision has come following the hardships he is facing in his personal life as a businessman.

To good old days

“My sources of income have been closed. Its now harf for me to find money to help these teams. Its very hard for me to afford,” said Osman

He added that he is open to receive bids for those who wish to bail him out of the tricky situation.

“This is not good for the teams and if there are people who wish good for Malawi football they are welcome to talk to me and map the way forward for the teams,” he said.

Commenting on the development, football analyst Emmanuel Lawyer said the development is worrisome to the players and the football fraternity as a whole.

“It’s sad that Jomo may stop bankrolling his teams taking into consideration that he was providing employment to young footballers and were making ends meet in their day to day lives,” Lawyer said.

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