Malawi teams not participating in this year’s cosafa tournaments

Sport reporter

Malawi football teams will not take part in the forth coming cosafa tournaments. This decision has been made in light of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Local football competitions has also been suspended until further notice in response to the same pandemic crisis.

Talking to Owinna, one of the respected sports commentators Kelvin Moyo has commended the decision.

He observes that “authorities need to first consider the lives of players amid the spread of COVID-19”.

He was also quick to point out that this move will affect football performance in the country, however, he also noted that it is not just Malawi which has been affected. All the other countries are also fighting the same crisis and adjusting to the new normal.

“We should just accept the situation as it is, this has been a global crisis” he reckons.

Malawi has always participated in this international tournament. It will be a big miss but with the the global pandemic battle being far from over it is the right call for a nation like Malawi that is still trying to figure out most of the response towards addressing the crisis as a nation.


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