Football fans caution Sulom on football TV rights, “do not be greedy”

Football fans from across the country have cautioned Super League of Malawi (Sulom) not to be greedy with money when offering TV rights to local broadcasters.

In a statement made available to Akometsi, the fans have observed that one of Malawi’s leading entertainment channel, Mibawa TV did not place their bid despite being the only TV that gave Malawians a feel of quality football coverage in the season before Covid-19.

“We express our dissatisfaction with the bidding process. We understand Mibawa TV proposed alternatives to Sulom but due to greedy of top officials, they have closed eyes from the progressive suggestions of Mibawa TV and have gone ahead to list local stations that put money in-front of their nose,” reads part of the statement.

“We wish to caution Sulom to trade carefully here. We understand the local stations which have put money forward do not take entertainment as their primary focus. Their coverage centres on news, current affairs and politics, while Mibawa is a TV which fully dedicates to edutainment, sports inclusive.”

“It will be an error to award football rights to a TV that cannot afford to miss a presidential coverage for football. We, the fans feel Sulom should revisit and reconsider alternatives brought forward by Mibawa TV, which among others suggest that football should move to pay TV and generate income for football teams rather than selling rights for a once off fee.”

“We believe to see an action on this and if our voices go unheard, we are ready to take Sulom to task. We understand most of the leaders of Sulom take sports as tjeir part time jobs, but we, the the fans, clubs and players live football and we want to see the game become profitable to our clubs so they can invest more towards improving standards,” concludes the statement.

Times TV, Zodiak and MBC TV made bids for the league matches, offering millions upfront to buy the rights while Mibawa TV is said to have suggested that football moves to pay TV and generate a considerable amount at the end of the season to be shared among teams and all stakeholders involved.

Akometsi understands that Sulom intends to award the rights to the highest bidder (Times TV) for quick cash despite the TV not having enough capacity for football coverage compared to Mibawa TV who have revolutionised the football game coverage.

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