War in ‘Benghazi’ as Karonga central by-elections expose hatred in ‘Onse alliance’

By: Akometsi

When Timothy Mtambo derided Frank Mwenefumbo that he is a political vagabond and should not be entrusted with legislative assignments by the people in Karonga central. UTM loyalists fired back. They described the CFT commander in chief as a nitwit. A hypocrite who capitalized on poor Malawians to gain a ministerial position.

Hurry Mkandawire, MCP vice president for the north, is still a subject of discussion among UTM worshipers. They describe him with unprintable words for disclosing that MEDEF loans are for MCP supporters first and others will share the remaining spoils.

In Tambala Wakuda camp, UTM leadership and everyone therein are demeaned. As evidenced by the social media conversation. Things are not all that rosy in ‘Onse alliance’ and a ticking bomb is about to explode soon.

Akometsi are in ‘Benghazi’ a land characterized by political violence since time in memorial. Welcome as we’ll be taking you through Karonga central constituency where by-lections which are slated to take place on November 10 have already began demonstrating that there is no true friendship in politics.

A total of five candidates presented their nomination papers to the electoral commission and, each one of them is geared towards clinching the most honourable helm for Karonga central constituency.

Nonetheless, akometsi survey in the area has established that the two, Frank Mwenefumbo of UTM and Leonard Mwalwanda of MCP command huge following that the rest.

Mwebefumbo who has for two times been the parliamentarian for the area and was taking turns with the late Cornelius Mwalwanda, whose demise has led to the vacancy on the post of a legislator in the constituency.

Leonard Mwalwanda who records indicates to be related to the departed immediate legislator, Cornelius, has no clear historical background in politics.

Others, however, say, he has ever contested for the post in the constituency but lost miserably. They say, he had also, in the recent past, held positions in MCP. Akometsi tried to verify this with written history but failed to get clear information on that.

Except for Mwenefumbo who spoke to us and described the looming by-election as a chance for the people of Karonga central constituency to vote for continued development, Mwalwanda failed to honour his promise to grant us an interview till the writing of this article.

Meanwhile, as campaign heats up in the area, spots of violence are rife and akometsi have ever witnessed, on several occasions, exchanging of panga knives between MCP supporters and UTM worshippers.

The two, irrespective of being in the same alliance, are heard castigating each other on political podiums as each party holds a strong wish to see its candidate clinching the post come November 10.

We have placed our eyes and ears in all places eye marked for by-elections but in Karonga central constituency, we have even mounted a tent. We will be giving you updates on events as the unfold.

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