Social Media dismisses Prophet Bushiri’s rape accusations, “its total blackmail”

On Wednesday evening, eNews TV aired out an interview in which two ladies accused the man of God of raping them several times and offering them R5,000.

The news has been received with mixed reactions on social media, with majority of the people trashing the allegations and asking several unanswered questions that the interview did not address.

Prior to the interview, Bushiri had posted a video which had recordings of a police officer, Phumla Mrwedi recruiting girls to accuse the man of God of rape in what he described as “extortion attempts,”

Gets support from the majority of social media users

Below are some of the comments from different platforms on the issue.

“I don’t like Bushiri I also don’t like it when people make stories up and tarnish his name it only makes us to like and support him more.” – Abraham Frey.

“Why did they collect the money in first place? The one says she was give money to book a room after being raped. Who stays at the same place they have been raped? Was she expecting raping part 2? Tsek.” – Ntchidi Loyiso

“They claim to have been texted by man of God on phone to go to his room alone. Where are the text messages and why going to a man’s room alone?” – Boniface Gondwe.

“I am in interested in the 5k. What was it for?” – Lucy Oddi

“This issue is hard to prove. So many unanswered questions. When did this happen? Why has it taken long? And why not simply report to authorities than coming to media? Why did they get the money? Someone really hates Bushiri,” Kenneth Mweene.

“You go to a man room a lone, he tells you take off your clothes, then bend, he does it from the behind and gives you 5k, then you live the place, eat the man and come months later to accuse the man of rape? We dont consider it such. It was business.” – Collins Chivadza

“We say on his page a police woman telling ladies to lie inorder to get money from him. Is this it?” – Gift Mpedu

“We will wait for their identities before we conclude. This story is biased and the journalist did not even bother to hear Bushiri’s side, fishy.” Max Dlamin

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