Separation Between Faith and Politics: a Theological Discourse

A Theological Separation Between Faith and Politics is Not Just Naive And Dangerous, it is Unbiblical

I listened to a speech by Dr Lazarus Chakwera about the process he engaged in as he made a decision to stand in the first election and I was filled by both hope and sadness.

In it, he talked about his wrestle with God when God called him to lead the nation; a call that has since been vindicated. The premise of his initial struggle was that he was a spiritual leader and faith and politics do not mix. He didn’t say it exactly in those words but that is what I deduced.

This is what we were raised on; and I want you to know today that this is not just a dangerous theology but it is altogether unbiblical. It makes me so happy to see that Dr Chakwera landed in a different place in his process.

God loves the earth. He created it and appointed you and me as stewards of it. I know you were taught that the goal of Christianity is for you to die (a thing you do not want) and go to heaven. But, the narrative arch of Scripture does not end with disembodied souls dangling in heaven; it rather ends with a renewed earth and renewed heaven.

There is a reason why white Americans, and our former colonizers of course, kept separating heaven and earth in this way –– wanting you to choose heaven and therefore neglect people and creation on earth. We will get to that subject later. But for now, I want you to see the sharp contrast between that and Jesus’ vision of “thy kingdom come on earth”.

Yes. Heaven is for real. And yes, hell is for real but I make you a promise now: the Scriptures do not teach about heaven and hell in the way that we have heard at our crusades.

God values the earth. He created it and said it was good. Not only that, but God also loves people. He created them and called them very good. God restores you so that you can be part of his restoration project.

Now I’m not saying that you are all called into politics, far from it! But I am saying that we all are called into various things and politics, for some, will be part of that.

As I have heard it stated, the line between good and evil is not drawn between church and politics, it is drawn in our hearts.

I hope you can make that part of your bible study this week.

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Noel Noxy Musicha

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