ECG church celebrates 10 year anniversary, members flourish on social media

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri brightened up the social media with ‘Global ECG Day’ celebrating its existence.

Members from all over the globe digitally came together to showcase their love for the church which has operated for over 10 years and growing tremendously to different corners of the world.

Founder: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

“In the past ten years, the ECG church has grown exponentially. We now operate in 47 countries, enjoying a followership of more than 10 million people,” posted Prophet Bushiri on his official facebook page.

In the same statement, he also added that the church has now developed mechanism to register its members on a newly launched platform.

ECG Youth

“As we begin another decade, we don’t want to lose track of you. As such, we have launched a digital platform where you can register and be counted as a bona fide ECG member,” he said.

Members are said to register on

Celebrating the big day: Prophetess Mary Bushiri.

To celebrate the day, ECG leaders and members were involved in different charity events organised locally in their respective countries. ECG celebrities also took it to social media to celebrate their big day.

ECG Zimbabwe making donations to the less privileged

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