Ntcheu sex worker retires after satisfying over 10 000 men including a govt. Minister

A sex worker in Ntcheu who has rendered her services to over 10 000 men has retired at 38 after an 18 year impressive career in taking care of men. The sex worker who is famously known as Samantha has for 18 years successfully served men and women in Ntcheu and other districts without contracting HIV.

“I’m a proud person to retire without contracting HIV and I know it is by luck, imagine sharing bed with thousands of men excluding women without falling under the jaws of HIV/AIDS, ” she highlighted.

She added: “I discovered that I can make money without bothering anyone after a failed marriage in 2001. My ex-husband left me for a woman who had a dozen of chitenje dresses, so my plan was to make money for new dresses and compete with her but later chose to keep my career.”

Samantha confided to this Akometsi that during her peaky time she once served a government minister who was also close to the president and overheard him speaking to the president about state house horror incident.

“You may think it’s nothing but hearing someone I just had sex with speaking to the state president is one of the achievements I will never forget. The president called my dear client who used to pay me a sum of K 45 000 every time I satisfied him- telling him about ghosts at the state house,” she said without going into much details claiming privacy matters in her business.

The retired sex worker pompously revealed that she managed to build a house that has solar power and a safe water pump and plans to open a bar at Kampepuza to empower other women who are in prostitution for business.

Records from our archive indicates that Ntcheu is one of the districts in the country with a high number of sex workers and there is a high rate of HIV/AIDS cases.

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