Chakwera angers medical fraternity with proposed Presidential five health workers awards

The announcement by the state president of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, that he will, after every three months, be awarding health workers with outstanding performances in hospitals has evoked wrath on him from the medical fraternity who have since described the initiative as unbecoming.

In a WhatsApp forum of medical practitioners, the health workers are ranting at the president for, what they call ‘divide and confuse rule’

According to the health workers, clinical performances results from team work and everyone is outstanding because of the support from colleagues.

“Awarding only five? Using what criterion? Does the president know how the hospital staff operate? That’s unrealistic initiative,” said one of the participants in the forum.

Added another: “What if he has awarded a doctor and not his nurse and a nurse not the doctor as outstanding? Will there be a good working relationship? That plan is a goof.”

During his national address on Saturday which dwelt much on corona virus, president Chakwera hailed health workers in the country for their gallant fight against the virus.

The president also announced that as one of thanking these health practitioners, he has initiated an award which he will be giving to about five outstanding medics after three months.

Chakwera acknowledged that the health workers are working in very risky environments but they continue to serve and save Malawians during this epoch of corona virus.

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