Ulemu Msungama fires his Personal Assistant after being cornered by party zealots

Honorable Ulemu Msungama minister of Youth and Sports released a statement in response to what he calls a “public outcry” that his PA did not subscribe to the Tonse Philosophy. Below is a full statement from the minister that was posted on his Facebook page.

“In the wake of a public outcry that the gentleman that is working for me as ‘Personal Assistant to the Minister’ does not fully subscribe to the Tonse Alliance, I have had a candid discussion with the gentleman in question and we have both agreed that in order to protect the interests of the Ministry that I serve and also to ensure that the integrity of the Tonse Alliance is preserved, we have agreed to part ways. As such, Arnold Chintengo with effect of 28th August, 2020, after a two week stint, is no longer my personal assistant. This agreement has been both amicable and agreed by both of us. Let me repeat that this decision has been made to ensure that the integrity of both the office of Ministry of Youth and Sports and of the Tonse Alliance is also maintained. I wish Arnold well as he continues to define his career path going forward.

Ulemu Msungama M.P”




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