Reported political defections within the Tonse Alliance

The Tonse Government leadership (image from facebook page}

The political landscape in Malawi lasts to get more and more elating with new emergences showing mass defections within the governing Tonse alliance.

The alliance comprises of nine political parties including MCP, UTM, PP, UP and FP and others.

On the political scene, however, only the three in the preceding order are deemed big owing to the number of their followers in the country.

Conversely, an interesting political development that occurred, recently, in Mzuzu proved that perception to be an unfounded myth.

While everyone was celebrating entry into a new month of August, people experienced mass exodus within Tonse alliance as more supporters flocked to Freedom Party (FP) of Khumbo Kachali.

Working on strengthening his party: Khumbo Kachali


























FP secretary general, Steven Njovuyalema welcomed a huge following from MCP, PP, AFORD and UTM who affirmed their commitment to work tirelessly towards rebuilding the party in readiness of the fielding of its president in 2025.

Njovuyalema noted that the defections from other parties to his party are a clear sign that the party is vibrant in the country.

“However,” emphasized the party CEO. “The defections will not affect our alliance with other parties in Tonse.”

The recently presidential election in Malawi forced these nine political parties to join forces in their effort to dislodge the then ruling party DPP. This came as a result of the famous court ruling which mandated the Malawi Election Commission to re-administer the presidential election which was marred by a lot of irregularities. In the ruling, it was recommended that the race winner must amass not less than 50 plus 1 as a majority winner. The opposition parties led by MCP and UTM agreed to join forces to make to increase their chances of winning the presidency.

So far, it appears the Tonse Alliance remains united on their agenda and philosophy which is a shared responsibility, accountability and prosperity from all the national treasures the country has.


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