Reality on the ground (RotG) fair prediction by Keneth Bwanali

Who will carry the day in the northern region of Malawi during May 2019, Presidential elections?,

My analysis is based on three major political parties in the region and they are UTM, MCP & DPP (dont mind this order). Let me start by mentioning here that I am a member of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) however for May 2019 elections I have endorsed Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima of UTM. Remember i wanted to contest for MCP President however the party leadership blocked me through strange processes leading towards the convention. I will make my come back in 2024. What am writing here is the reality on the ground and not the noise from social media. I have written this without bias on my affiliation to any political party or any Presidential candidate.


Based on the reality on the ground if elections were held between October, November and December, 2018 Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima would have won with majority votes in the region. He had his message right for the region however that is not the case right now. This is the REALITY ON THE GROUND. Many people in the north believes our candidate is a crook and he cant be trusted. THAT’S THE REALITY ON THE GROUND. In fact they mentioned to me that they would prefer voting for Madala (APM) comparing to Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima. To summarize it all UTM Presidential candidate will be on number three in northern region.


Malawi Congress Party under Dr Lazarous Chakwera will carry the day in the north. Thats bad news to me unfortunately thats the reality on the ground. However they will face stiff competition from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party Presidential candidate. I was so shocked to discover the trust that the people there has on DPP presidential candidate. With Livingstonia/Njakwa ROAD, Mombera university road under construction and Karonga Chitipa road under the party’s founder administration and the presence of Jappie Mhango DPP will give MCP a very good run for the much needed votes in the region. Strategically MCP played their game well in the region. Both MCP and DPP have fielded best parliamentary candidates in the region while UTM collected rejects from the two major political parties.



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