More ‘recycled politicians’ gain for Tonse Government as former MP Zaheer Issa joins MCP

Hon Zaheer Issa Former Member of Parliament for Chikwawa Central Constituency has joined MCP at a welcome function by Chikwawa MCP District Chairperson and his Committee. He is a second former MP to join MCP today after another former DPP MP and Cabinet Minister Dr Allan Chiyembekeza also announced his defection from the opposition party DPP.

Few weeks ago, Homeland Security Minister who is also leader of government in parliament Richard Chimwendo Banda rebuked political defections by members of the DPP.

Taking it to Facebook, the Honourable Minister cautioned people to wait before jumping ships.

"Dikirani kaye timalize kufufuza ma file musathamange kulowa chipani" (wait until we finish investigating your files before you rush to join us), he posted while wondering that “what has really changed in 20 days” for people to start dumping DPP for MCP?

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