Min of Civic Education Fights For Injustice Victims

Honorable Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, Minister of Civic Education and National Unity.

By Duncan Kaonga
23rd July 2020

The minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Honorable Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, has assured the nation that through his ministry he will make sure there is no despair among citizens as he will follow up on the commission of enquiries which were left hanging by the previous regime as one way of healing the wounds of the victims.

The minister made these remarks in Mzuzu after attending the memorial service of the victims of 20 July 2011 anti-government demonstrations.

Mtambo said for a nation to be unified there is need to attend to the commission of enquiries which were used to silence people when they were questioning about the justice of different cases because a nation that is divided cannot prosper or develop.

“We will look at all the statistics and information there is. A need for a healing process cannot be debated and what we are going to do is have as much consultation as possible. For the sake of unity, we realize those who have wounds from the past must be healed. They must be reached, and they deserve to know what really happened before, and that is why the Tonse administration included that aspect in its manifesto. We are going to do this after a thorough consultation” said Mtambo.

The minister further added that they will revamp the enquiries which were thrown aside by the last regime administrators as he cited the enquiry of the brutal murder of late Anti-Corruption Bureau chairperson Issa Njauju, Polytechnic Student Robert Chasowa, and the abductions and killings of people with Albinism in the country.

“Those enquiries are still relevant because they were established using the law. We have to look at the enquiries which were used to silence people. When people were complaining about something, they [the previous administration] deliberately came up with an enquiry with a motive to bury the evidence.”

Mtambo went on to explain how reported killings of people with Albinism disappeared and how the new administration aims to right those wrongs. “We had an enquiry on the killings of people with Albinism but the moment senior government officials were mentioned the enquiry disappeared. We will look at those enquires and conduct further investigation. What is key is making sure the victims are reached out to because if they are not supported and listened to, their wounds will keep on growing. The longer that happens, it might reach disastrous levels. As much as we want to reach out to the victims, we must also make sure those responsible for such actions face the law without fear or favour.”

Mtambo hailed the people who died during the 2011 anti-government demonstrations for they died while fighting for a better Malawi which is here now.

The ministry is expected to engage all stakeholders of different expertise in making a new Malawi which will be favourable for all Malawians and has put in place short and long term strategic plans to implement change in the country.

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