Malawi president not forgiving public plunders: thieves to rot in jail

The state president of the republic of Malawi has maintained his stance in clearing all the rubbles in the country by reaffirming his commitment to make sure all those that plundered public resources during previous regimes face the long arm of the law.

In his public address on Saturday, Chakwara expressed dismay at the state of corruption which had gone Willy-nilly in public offices in the passed administration.

The Malawi leader who also leads Tonse alliance disclosed that the report from the auditor general has exposed the plundering of trillions of public funds which had gone uncontrollable.

The sixth Malawi leader described the tendency portrayed by his predecessors administration as retrogressive and evil towards the development of this country.

He, therefore, dismissed suggestions by other religious leaders who, recently took to the media to urge the born again Malawi leader to demonstrate his Christian values by forgiving all people that committed crimes during the previous regimes.

Among the notable clergymen who supposed the idea includes the leadership of the CCAP Blantyre synod led by reverend Billy Gama who was former presidents advisor on religious affairs.

In a briefing Gama hosted recently, he emphasized the need to forge ahead and forget about the past demerits. He urged the present leadership to forgive and forget about the past.

Nevertheless, Chakwera believes the ‘forgiving and forgetting’ syndrome may breed more corruption thus reprimanding all looters from preceding government would be among the priorities of his administration.

The new Malawi leader who has only been on the helm of power for a month by the publication of this article outrightly assured all Malawians that his authority will not allow mismanagement of public resources in any way.

“I’ll reduce the number of motorcade on my convoy to not more than ten,” he said. “I’ll also not bother to buy new cars. I’ll be using the old ones.”

In his statement which was in Malawi’s national language, Chichewa, strategically to reachout to all Malawians, Chakwera emphasized, also, the need for every Malawian to take part in the fight against corruption.

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