Karonga Central MCP Primary Elections canceled as Boti triumphs in Lilongwe

By: Our reporter

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) yesterday held Primary Elections in the country’s two constituencies ahead of a by-election coming ahead.

The poll took place in Lilongwe North West and Karonga Central, where the former fell vacant following ex-lawmaker Lazarus Chakwera’s ascension to presidency, and the latter due to death of the incumbent Cornelius Mwalwanda who gave it up to Covid-19 recently.

In Lilongwe, the election took place at Kasiya CDSS in the same constituency, where Mphatso Jones Boti emerged winner.

Boti floored 14 other contenders that included three women, and in his acceptance speech, he thanked the people for having put their trust in him to be their torch bearer.

And Willard Gwengwe who was in charge of the activity expressed satisfaction with how everything went.

However, that was not the case in Karonga, as misunderstandings marred the activity.

One of the contenders argued on the voting procedure, where he opted for queuing against ballot one.

His suggestion that came in as the process was almost starting attracted chaos that later saw the whole activity canceled.

“Indeed it is true the poll has been postponed due to irregularities. One of the aspirants disagreed on the voting process as he showed displeasure with ballot voting. He wanted people to queue behind the person of their choice,” explained Maxwell Thyolera, MCP’s senior official who presided over the election.

Thyolera then said the party will go back to its drawing board and arrange a proper means so as to hold a good-for-all election.


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