Homeland Security Minister rebukes political defections

Homeland Security Minister who is also leader of government in parliament Richard Chimwendo Banda has rebuked political defections by members of the DPP.

For the past few days, there has been massive exodus of DPP supporters flocking to MCP and UTM.

However, the defections have received mixed reactions from people, with others expressing their displeasure, citing the people’s involved in public funds’ mismanagement and abuse of power during their time in government.

Taking it to Facebook, the Honourable Minister cautioned people to wait before jumping ships.

"Dikirani kaye timalize kufufuza ma file musathamange kulowa chipani" (wait until we finish investigating your files before you rush to join us), he posted while wondering that “what has really changed in 20 days” for people to start dumping DPP.

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