Drama in the Blue Camp: Nankhumwa set for a rally as Mutharika checks on loyalty of his MPs this afternoon

By: Doro Mapira

Democratic Progressive Party vice president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa is set to hold a rally this afternoon at Bangwe ground in Blantyre. Nankhumwa was elected back as Leader of Opposition in Parliament after the leader of the party Prof. Peter Mutharika fired him.

Kondwani Nankhumwa: Malawians awaits his say this afternoon as he is expected to speak to his followers at Bangwe.

Coincidentally, former president Peter Mutharika has called for a meeting where all DPP Members of parliament are supposed to attend at his holiday home in Mangochi the same afternoon. There has not been any agenda communicated but speculations are underway that the caucus is a way of testing loyalty of the parliamentarians as he singles out the disobedient ones.

Former President Peter Mutharika: Has called for a meeting at his palace in Mangochi.

Mutharika recently fired three other top members who obtained an injunction on Saturday for an inter-parte hearing after seven days to still stay in the party.

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