Breaking: Police raid Peter Mutharika’s retirement home in Mangochi can reveal that Malawi Police and Anti-Corruption Bureau Officers raided former President Peter Mutharika’s house in Mangochi on Tuesday afternoon. National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera neither refused or accepted the revelation when contacted by, but said he would not give exact details at the time of the call.

However, several sources in the high rank told that the police went to question him on the cement gate and Mutharika’s maintained his stand that he knew nothing about his T-Pin being used to purchase goods meant for business.

Former President bodyguard Norman Chisale, former MRA Deputy Director General Roza Mbilizi and Asian businessman Shaffe Chunara were arrested by Malawi Police in connection to the issue that Mutharika has refuted and explained that he did not have any knowledge to the dealing.

Mutharika’s home

Last week, through his Secretary Linda Salanjira, Peter Mutharika released a press release denying involvement in the cement-gate.

“The Former President neither bought nor instructed anyone to buy or import the cement in question. Accordingly, the former President did not, as he could not, request the Malawi Revenue Authority to invoke any of his privileges to clear the alleged consignment of cement duty- free.”

“Further, the former President was never at any point undertaking any construction project (s) requiring such substantial volumes of cement. In any event, the former President does not operate any business to sell cement on retail or wholesale. For the avoidance of doubt, the former President did not have any dealings with the alleged cement traders either personally or through a third party,” explained the former president’s secretary in a press statement.

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