APM tell DPP he is still the President, happy with Nankhumwa as leader of opposition

Former President Peter Mutharika told party gurus that he is still president of the party until 2023 when his mandate will expire.

Akometsi understands that DPP party gurus went to meet Mutharika to ask him to consider throwing the towel and appoint an interim president.

However, Mutharika told them point blank that he will continue to be the president until 2023 and that whoever tries to sabotage his leadership will be dealt with accordingly.

Sources from within also reveal that Mutharika is very happy with Kondwani Nankhumwa as leader of opposition despite some party officials saying bad things against him, which among others suggest he us not loyal to the party.

It is said the former president believes Nankhumwa has potential to clear the bad image of DPP because of his leadership style which relates well with all people including those of the opposite camps.

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