Akometsi Poll suggest Frank Mwenifumbo will win Karonga Central Constituency by elections

A poll led by Akometsi reporter for the North Chikondi Mughogho suggest that Former member of Parliament (MP) for Karonga Central Constituency Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo will win the by-elections expected to take place in area on a day to be announced by MEC.

The constituency was won by MCP’s Cornelius Mwalwanda during the 2019 Tripartite elections but died due to Covid-19 on July 16, 2020.

During the 2019 elections, Cornelius Mwalwanda was neck to neck with Frank Mwenifumbo who lost with less than 100 votes.

Akometsi took an interest to determine the popularity of candidates in the district and our findings show that Frank Mwenefumbo is likely to carry the day when people go to vote.

Son to Cornelius Mwalwanda, Leonard Mwalwanda is likely to win MCP primaries against Elliam Simwaka, but the race is tight between the two.

Another candidate likely to compete is Mary Florence Nthakomwa and our findings show she will not win against Frank Mwenefumbo at UTM primaries.

The poll by Akometsi targeted sex, poling centers, age and religion. Ten people from each category were asked to chose who they would vote for and given reasons. In each group, the majority opted to vote for Frank Mwenefumbo citing among others, his popularity and his new alignment to UTM, which is by far, a popular party in Karonga.

On the category of sex, 7 out of 10 women said they would vote for Frank Mwenifumbo, 2 for Simwaka and 1 for Mwalwanda and 9 men chose Frank Mwenifumbo while 1 said would vote for Mwalwanda.

On age group, we targeted those from 18 to 35 years who 5 of them chose Mwenifumbo, 3 chose Mwalwanda with Florence Nthakomwa and Simwaka getting 1 each.

On the poling centres, our reporters picked 2, the largest Mwenilondo (Primary School) Zone and the smallest Kabuyu Zone. In the largest centre, 5 people ticked Mwenefumbo, 3 Mwalwanda and 2 Simwaka, while in the smallest zone, 7 chose Mwenefumbo, 2 Mwalwanda, 2 Simwaka and 1 Florence Nthakomwa.

There are no candidates who have showed interest to contest under UDF, DPP and PP. No independent candidates have also showed interest, although, Akometsi predict losers at primaries to go independent.

For political and other use, you can request a detailed report of the opinion poll through email: info@akometsi.com.

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