Sangie’s “ONANA Oi” song review: is it a letter to gun boss mafia?

By: Staff Writer

That Sangie and Malinga have never, as claimed by them both, been in any romantic relationship remains a doubted ‘fact’ to many entertainment fanatics.

Sangie posing with Malinga Mafia whom most people believe is her ex-lover

Most people hold on to a strongest conviction that the two prominent icons have been in love until the gun boss came forward to introduce his new girlfriend.

Malinga Mafia with new Bae

The two finest songbirds who falls under real friendz entertainment vehemently recused allegations that they ever had any love affair despite being seen very tight to each other in numerous occasions.

Personally, I follow, like and love releases from this reggae dancehall artist cum UNICEF ambassador. I almost have listened to all her songs including the recent “ONANA Oi” explosive.

To me, the song was directed to Malinga Mafia. The finely crafted hit which was mastered and produced by Sispence starts by vindicating my claims.

“This is a letter to my love. Anandisiya bad bad,” begins the song.

Basically in this first verse the prodigy Lady complains on how heartlessly she was dumped by a man who I believe should be alchaida boss.

The corresponding chorus then is full of glorifying the man for, among others teaching her how to love and loving her.

In the second verse, she introduces her new man who she describes as having the love exactly the same as the ex-lover who to me should obviously be Malinga Mafia.

In the third verse, the same comparison of her new and ex lover. To me, I can relate something here also, on when the song has been produced and released.

Anyway, the song is good and, these are just my views from where I stand.

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