On Lilongwe/Central only appointments and MCP Vs UTM verbal war

When the issue of appointments came to my attention, I took time to understand whats really going on before jumping into conclusion like most of you have done.

Then I discovered that appointments are being given to people from elsewhere. As a matter of debate, the best and most powerful positions (minus some cabinet positions) are not with people from the central.

It might interest you to note that the President has made the following appointments:

  1. Reserve Bank Governor – North (Nkhatabay)
  2. Secretary to Treasury – North (Chitipa)
  3. Auditor General – North
  4. Accountant General – North
  5. PS at Ministry of Transport – South (Neno)
  6. PS at Agriculture – South (Thyolo)
  7. PS at Ministry of Civic Education South (Nsanje)

… And more positions to come. We are just less than a quarter into government.

The above set appointments would NEVER happen with DPP.

Appointments are being done across the country just that some of you are either too clever or too dumb to acknowledge that. Even the issue of the guy who is said to have been recalled from retirement to be PS at Irrigation, if you knew his story you would hold your breath, put your left hand on your chest and beat your heart hard while saying out loudly that “I dont know how I can talk.”

This man is 52 years and resigned from the civil service when some Minister known for Maize in DPP demoted him from the position of PS to that of Director and replaced him with the regime’s usual choice who was very incompetent and a fraudster who, together with the said Minister did what they did in that ministry, including the fires.

The man then went on to head Shire Valley Irrigation scheme funded by the World Bank. The president recalled him from that lucrative job to help set up reforms he had started while he was unceremoniously demoted by the past regime. It’s not the type of retirement you have been made to believe by the DPP propagandists.

Look at us, people from Mchinji. We have only been remembered with one cabinet position, a deputy one for that matter, but you have not heard us waste your time with unnecessary cries. I assure you, people from Mchinji believe in Malawi, not a region and not only are we handsome (otherwise beautiful, for ladies), we are also intelligent, fearless and ambitious.

In conclusion, I have noticed with a heavy heart that there are certain few individuals from UTM and MCP who are fond of starting very unnecessary verbals exchanges between the two camps based on petty issues. I will name and shame them someday. The alliance is bigger than those noisy few. They are two actually.

To the rest of the followers, continue supporting the Tonse like you are doing. speak against some decisions when its necessary and support when it requires you to do so. Just make sure you understand things first. And a word of encouragement, do not lose hope, you will be given things to do at the right time.

I know most of you were a bit let down by Chakwera’s speech when he said he would not reward party clappers. He was not referring to you, but these ones coming out of nowhere with very loudest claps. You are not hand clappers of Chakwera or Chilima, you are genuine members, loyalists of the two. There is no way, I repeat, no way that the two leaders can forget what you did for the struggle.

Take heart and be at peace. Government is a big machinery and most of you, the things you can be given are not those requiring immediate attention. You are very young with little or no experience. Jobs that best suit you will come, but not immediately. The government is one month old, give yourselves up to December. Again, they can’t just fire those who supported DPP simply for supporting DPP, that would be unfair and abuse of power.

To the leaders in the Tonse Government, while you fill your bellies and those of your relatives, remember there is someone who wakes up and fights tirelessly for you on social media and other platforms. Remember them. Joyce Banda once forgot such people. The rest is, as they say – HISTORY.

Opinion by Kelvin Sulugwe.

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