Former PA of Youth and Sports Minister Hon. Msungama, Ine Ndi Nothe speaks out


With joy let me return unconditional love for all scratching derogatory remarks made against me. Most people fought me unknowingly as such I forgive you with no inch of bitterness. Hon. Msungama is both a great brother, close friend and helper in dreams. As such no figment of propaganda or political machination can tear us apart. He remains a very close friend.

Three weeks ago, Hon. Ulemu Msungama approached me to be his PA. As few close friends and Hon could attest, I was too reluctant to oblige to this. I was reluctant because prior to this offer I was very comfortable in life. Prior to this, I was coordinating a multi-millionnaire project in one of the most reputable International NGO in the country. It took us days and serious discussions to agree and chatter the path. To be in this job, I had to trigger a prompt resignation at my work place. Since my resignation was prompt, there were tradeoffs that happened. As I triggered this move in my contract, I forfeited lucrative benefits that were accrued in my 4 years of service. This was an extraordinary remedy, a sacrifice that I made for a brother’s success. Ulemu trusts and loves me and I had no time to let him down, I sacrificed everything for him. Certainly, a sacrifice of this magnitude and depth could not have been taken just to sabotage his dream or MCP government agenda.

Now, I accepted this risky and less paying offer purely with a deep sense of national service. As an objective and straightforward character, I was geared up to offer undiluted factual and honest counsel most Ministers and politicians lack from party zealots. Actually, I made this difference in the two week period I served in office. Furthermore, I saw this as a great opportunity for linking up the real youths to public policy and political governance. On this, strides were taken as I had reached out to youthful entrepreneurs, CSOs, artists and rural groups on the need to touch base with the Minister on critical matters of youth empowerment. Most of these people were shocked at this rare gesture but this was a standard direction that I had envisaged the Minister to take. I had already started helping the Minister to push for a political-free and sustainable youth empowerment agenda. For this pursuit, on top of the Ministry’s technocrats, I had the expertise, exposure, experience and strong desire to actualise it.

Now, Hon. Msungama and I have been very close for 15 years. In 2013 till now 2020 I have served him as a political strategist at no cost. As some may not know, during the electoral fraud this man was shunned by almost everyone, including today’s MCP loyalists. I remember Dr. Jessie Kabwila and Mr. Kachibekete (MCP constituency chairman) as people were there day and night. We received deadly threats from DPP and I personally got deprived some opportunities. This was a deadly undertaking.

From the background, It abundantly clear that Hon. Ulemu Msungama knows me better socially and politically.
Like my close friends, he is privy to factual information as regards to my level of intellectual balance, political philosophy and economic statue. Unlike others who see me far from a bird’s view on facebook, Hon. Msungama and other close friends know my neutrality on party politics. Seemingly, over the past 6 years I have exposed and wrote against maladministration of the APM and DPP leadership. These posts are intact here on FB and deliberately, MCP zealots have paid a blind eye. This is HYPOCRISY. Equally, I have hit hard on MCP and Chakwera with no regrets. A holistic and tough public sensor makes political leaders to organised and efficient.

As I move on from this position, It with pleasure that I did the following for the two weeks I have been in the office

  1. Development of the mass-media brand model and strategy for the Minister.
  2. Development of a proper coordination roadmap between the Minister’s office and technocrats in the Ministry.
  3. Re-enforcing linkage between the Minister and Civil Society Organisation on the review of the National Youth Policy. Particularly, I motived the minister to keep close contact with CSO in public policy formulation. The DPP regime poorly performed on this
  4. Being part of the steering that that pushed for review in the MEDF loan model

As I finish, it is daunting to see the energy of youths in uniting to bring a fellow youth down. To the contrary, it is a pain to see the unity of old people in pulling each other up. Actually most recycled politicians are old people who by default benefit from this unity. For the past 2 weeks I have been at Capital Hill, I have observed a disproportionate youth representation in decision making. Such being the case, it is very imperative to support youths who are in the corridors of power.

Lastly, I glorify God for the grace and favour that brought me far. To reach this far, the Lord has fought me battles and cleared ways at a time the future looked blink. As I speak, his favour is already sufficient and soon or later new doors will open. I take this opportunity with honour to wholeheartedly thank Hon. Ulemu Msungama for the sincere trust in me. This was just one amongst the numerous platforms that will could collaborate for positive impact of our people. Certainly, we can exploit these other ways everytime a need arises. Thanks you Bro and my boss.

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