Echoes from the Past…….the reforms

By: Geoffrey Mchinanguwo Gondwe


One of the popular features that is closely associated with Dr Saulos Chilima, the current Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, is the Public Service Reform program which he is spearheading to transform the public service delivery in the country. It is a project he started way back only that previously he was not given the platform to execute it. Now, following the rise of the Tonse Alliance led government, the veep has all the resources at his disposal to implement it accordingly. Frankly speaking, the Public Service Reform program is an endeavour that must be carried out if this nation is to realise its potential. However, for this to practically materialise, it needs everyone at any level to embrace it with passion so that the current generation sets the pace for others to come to find this nation a better place to live in.

It should be pointed out on the onset, that the change that is to come with the Public Service Reforms may take long to fully materialize. It is not something that can just be achieved through meetings alone. It needs people, in this case almost all Malawians to accept it and live it. A quick glance on developed nations like France, Russia or the USA will immensely reveal that transforming a nation, is a complex process that relies on effort of all people and not a few individuals. For instance, when the Russian dictator at that time, Joseph Stalin aspired to transform Russia from being an agricultural state to an industrial based nation, it was not an easy act. There was wide resistance from many people including some from his own party. Nevertheless, with time Russia stopped relying on agriculture as it turned into an industrial state that is known up to date. Russians understood that it was possible to change their country and it happened.

Dr Chilima: Championing the reformation in Malawi 

If the reforms that are being championed by Dr Chilima are incorporating the top management only then the nation will still remain very far from achieving the envisioned goals. Then what benefit does that intend to bring to a commoner at the bottom of the hierarchy? It is against this background that it is very imperative to aggressively involve all stakeholders in the society to make sure that the reforms are knitted in people’s minds so that in the end, it becomes a lifestyle. No matter how long this may take, Malawians should start embracing the reforms and move forward.

One of the challenges this country faces is that it has many people who only think about themselves. This nation need a crop of people who aspire to leave the society better than they found it. A group of responsible Malawians that wants to leave behind a legacy that the coming generation would be proud of. What Dr Chilima has started must be passed to the next generation. And that can only happen if the current generation understand what is at stake for this country. Only then, shall we say we laid the foundation for great things for everyone

Once the reforms and all that it spins around is thought to be about Dr Chilima only then the nation is destined to be stuck in regression forever. While not everyone may not let the reforms take its progression, let those who have grasped it pass the mantle to others so that it tiptoes all the way down. Never should the reforms be considered for top management only. Let those on the ground be involved in the reforms and pull in one direction.


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Geoffrey Mchinanguwo Gondwe is an Educationist, Social Analyst, Historian and writer. Currently teaches English and History



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