Advise to Tonse Alliance: Long-Term Development Plan & Implementation

Lilongwe, Malawi

Tonse Alliance Administration must select a few areas of Reform and Reform them completely. Prioritizing.

Zikachuluka sizidyeka. We may start building the foundation and roof at the same time. Kuika ma Window pamalo popanda Chipupa.

It happens only in Wonderland where Cheshire Cat showed a smile without the face. ~ Lewis Carol.

While Reform is underway, pay attention to independent voices. There is a sickness in Malawi where the Leader is Always Right.

Bakili Muluzi killed Malawi Railways to please his personal & UDF Sponsors who operated Trucks. Not all well-wishers are genuine in their intent.

No economy anywhere in the world ever grew without rail networks. No economy anywhere in the world grew after fixing potholes.

We don’t fix potholes. We build new solid infrastructure.

Reformists must not Think Out of the Box 📦. They must completely remove the box.

Reforms must be our national state of the mind. Not one man project.

To build anything, one needs TOOLS 🧰 & MATERIALS.

Without CEMENT there is no Construction.

Government must immediately look into Cement Cartels. Remove Import Duty.

Same applies to Steel and all construction equipment & materials.

The biggest mistake will be to unknowingly or negligently build monopolies.

Monopoly is an economic bottleneck. This is Standard Textbook Material from any Business School.

America broke up a very successful business empire: Standard Oil in 1911. In our lifetime IF Microsoft was allowed to operate as it wished, Google would not be here with us.

In short, don’t allow individuals to hold the nation to a ransom. Price-fixing, Collusion, Poor Quality of Products are children of monopolies.

In our country, MRA must be completely revamped. Don’t milk cows to death. You simply can’t tax capital projects and expect economic growth to take place. Pure Common Sense. No Harvard Required.

Tapangani Zimenezi.

Basi Mwamva. Za Ulere izi. Ndiponso simunalipire.

Opinion by: Joshua Chisa Mbele

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