Zambia’s freedom icon Grey Zulu dies

Zambia’s freedom fighter and former Vice-President Grey Zulu has died, aged 95.

Mr Zulu, one of Zambia’s freedom icons that fought the colonialists along Dr Kenneth Kaunda, was the last UNIP Secretary General.

He has recently been in and out of hospital for age related illnesses.

He was to turn 96 on September 3, 2020 but sadly, he hasn’t lived to see that day.

Mr Zulu was one of the 75 members of the National Assembly from 1964 until 1968, who constituted the first Cabinet of Zambia elected in January 1964.

After serving in several positions, Zulu was appointed Minister of Commerce and Industry 1964; Minister of Transport and Works 1964; Minister of Mines and Cooperatives 1965-67; Minister of Home Affairs 1967-70; Minister of Defense 1970-73; Secretary General of the Party (equivalent to vice president) 1973-78; Secretary of State for Defense and Security 1979-85; Secretary General 1986-1991.

He was one of the most revered leaders of the UNIP government.

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