Workers hold vigils at O & M Associate’s offices

By Blessingz Mtika

Chaos erupted at O&M associates in Lilongwe as a group of employees held vigils for alleged unpaid wages for work they did last year.

According to the team representative Joseph Gondwe the company owes the group of 20 plus people an approximate figure of a 160, Million for the work they did in Ekwendeni.

“We did a survey in Ekwendeni, so of O&M Associates owes us a balance of almost 160 Million because we were not paid the full amount “, said Gondwe.

A seat at the table: Young people seeking their dues

He continued saying efforts to liaise with the labor office in Lilongwe were done but to no avail hence the storming at the offices on Friday.

When asked to comment on the matter, the Project Officer for the survey Frank Mvalo said he could not comment on the matter at the time.

Meanwhile the commotion has ceased a bit as the workers have been assured by the Chief Executive Officer Alex Mkandawire that their wages will be sorted by September 14, 2020.


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