Women suggest ‘naked’ demos over continued black outs in northern region

By: Staff Writer

Some concerned Malawians in the northern region have suggested staging ‘naked’ protests should intermittent power supply continue affecting their businesses.

Power outages have reigned in the northern region since May and people whose businesses rely solely on electricity are casualties of the incident.

According to ESCOM, the power crisis emanates from some technical problems dogging their machines.

Other reports suggests that the problem may have risen owing to the suspension of generators which were installed in three major cities.

Speaking in a street interview on Wednesday, business people described the new normal as the worst abnormal which has hampered their businesses.

Thokozan Chirwa, owner of London barbershop, in Mzuzu said the blackouts have suffocated his business and is on the verge of starving his family if the trend continues.

Magret Ziba of the Dews Hair saloon and cosmetics rubbished ESCOM for reverting back to their old ways.

“We forgot about blackouts these past years. Its dumbfounding to note that instead of going forward. We’re backtracking. ESCOM needs a day of atonement,” she said.

Noel Mphande added: “it’s time we allow more power utility bodies in the country. This may improve the efficiency in ESCOM. They are offering us raw stuff because the don’t have competitors.”

Esther Zgambo of Best Print and photocopy centre suggested of holding a massive demonstrations where men and women would take to streets in their birth suits.

“This would send a clear message to authorities that what they are doing is rubbish. How can we do business without electricity? Can we create 1 million jobs with this rubbish? We need to act now,” she fumed.

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