Woman beaten by angry mourners for claiming she could have resurrected a dead boy they buried

Angry mourners at Duswa village in Mulanje district pounced on a woman who claimed she could have resurrected a dead boy they had just buried, who according to the villagers, died mysteriously.

20- year-old boy Martin Thomanjira, alleged to have been killed through magic, and was laid to rest this morning in the presence of heavily armed police officers who came to control the situation.

Soon after the burial ceremony and police leaving the village, a certain woman who fled to Mozambique on Wednesday as an angry mob bayed for her blood for being suspected of bewitching the youngman, came claiming that had it been that the body was not buried, she would have resurrected him.

According to a reporter at the scene, the statement angered an already charged mob which in turn started stoning her until she was unconscious.

Police returned to the village and fired teargas to disperse the mob and rescued the woman. She has since been taken to Mulanje district hospital where she is receiving treatment.

The angry mob have vowed to finish her off if she comes back to the village after the hospital. They are claiming they wish to see hee resurrect herself from the dead.

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