Whitney goes against the so called “Culture” in ndiyeseko

By: Blessingz Mtika

Budding artist Whitney has gone against the traditional way of doing things in a relationship as she has tried to take the believed to be the “men’s” duties in “ndiyeseko” the song which its video is set to be released in a week time from now.

Speaking in interview Whitney real name Witness Chinula said it is sad that the society thinks it is awkward for a woman to take a man on a date or even ask him for his hand in marriage which in her words she thinks it kills a lot of females emotionally.

“It pains me that my society’s set up limits us ladies when it comes to make moves on a man we like which in the end we lose what we desire and fall in the wrong hands hence dying emotionally”, Said Whitney.

She further appealed to all ladies to go after their heart desires as far as men are concerned because their happiness comes first.

“Our happiness comes first ladies! I did this song to encourage my fellow gender that we should not suffer in silence when we actually have equal potential to get what we want”, said Whitney.

Our happiness comes first“: Whitney

In the song, whitney mans up and tells her guy that she wants to be the one to propose marriage to him and also be the one to lead the way in taking guy to her parents. She also tries to throw some pick up lines on the guy just like men do all to prove that it is possible that ladies can also take up the task.

While the video is still in the production phase, “Ndiyeseko” can be accessed on Malawimusic.com

Whitney is an up-and-coming R n B artist who is based in Mzuzu and currently studying journalism at Malawi institute of Journalism (Mzuzu campus). She has 2 songs to her name which each one has a video.

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