Villagers set ablaze suspected ‘witches’ houses in Dowa

By Jones Nyonyoba

There was a pandemonium in Dowa, at M’buta and Misi villages precisely when an angry mob took the laws into their own hands by punishing people suspected to be practicing witchcraft.

The incident has happened Sunday morning, and police have expressed knowledge of the matter.

The story is that some members of the same family were arrested a few weeks ago on the same issue, and were later on released on bail.


The villagers burning down the suspects house by setting it on fire

According to reports gathered by Akometsi, the victim previously confessed to have been practicing this African science, and that they killed some people by bewitching them.

This prompted the villagers to mobilize one another and agreed to punish them.

“It is indeed true the villagers have done the damage to the people suspected to be witches here. But as police, we will be on the ground to learn more in as far as giving out other information is concerned,” said Gladson Mbumpha, the district’s police publicist.

The villagers have burnt houses and slaughtered livestock as well of the suspects.

Meanwhile, up to date, the country’s laws do not recognize witchcraft as a crime.


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