UTM cautioned on welcoming DPP defectors

By staff writer

Friends of UTM in northern Malawi have urged the leaderships of Saulos Chilima to rubbish all defectors from Democratic progressive party (DPP) citing that welcoming them will lead to people dubbing their lovely party ‘DPP part 2’

The remarks were uttered following revelations that thousands of DPP cadres are on a mass exodus to UTM owing to succession wrangles that are dogging the former ruling party.

Friends of UTM leadership confided in Akometsi that they are reliably informed by DPP insiders that about 40 senior officials are already on their way to the Chilima led party.

Adamson Hunga, publicity secretary for the grouping, described the defectors from DPD as political vagabonds who are useless vagaries and have nothing worthwhile to offer to the visionary party.

“UTM holds the future of Malawi. Everyone knows that it is only through the leadership of Dr. Chilima that Malawi can turn into a country of milk and honey,” bragged Hunga.

He added: “it is against this reality that we, as friends of the glorious party, would like to keep the party clean by rejecting all political whores and fortune seekers who are bent on corruption and self enrichments.”

According to Hunga, the defectors can flock to other political parties which are welcoming even murderers and enemies of justice and development in the country.

“We don’t care if we won’t welcome more visitors from broken parties. All we care about is the welfare of Malawians and creating vibrance in the party,” he said. “Ours is not a party of uselessness. It is a party that holds the brighter future of all Malawians from far and wide.”

In Malawi, it has been embraced as political culture for members from the loosing parties to be trooping to the winning team soon after elections.

Others claim, when defecting to the ruling side, that their constituents bulldoze them to always be working with the administrating government for spurring of development in their areas.

Meanwhile, information made available to Akometsi by some clued Intel within DPP indicate that there is fierce civil wrangles in the party that centres on successor of former president Peter Muthalika.

“There’s a time ticking bomb within and soon, you’ll see most senior officials leaving the party for UTM,” said the Intel.

But, why UTM and not other parties? The inside source confided to our reporter that the party functionary that will likely dump the party is the one suspected to already have affiliation to Chilima ideologies.

Akometsi wanted to get the views from the UTM leadership through the party mouthpiece but was unable to get in touch with Chidanti Malunga owing to communication setbacks.

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