Touching tale of Anthony Andiseni: Kaso Youth Organisation lends a helping hand

By: Jones Chikazunga

At 12 years, it is an adolescent boy or girl ably doing things independently. And academically, he or she might be in standard seven or eight. Even in form one.

However, that is not the case with Anthony Andiseni of Chilobwe township in Blantyre. At that age, Anthony cannot stand. Neither can he talk nor sit on his own. He is still a baby; being dressed and wearing nappies

Anthony does not do this out of laziness or whatever you might think, no, but the cruelty of malaria that led to his paralysis.

“He was born a normal baby, but at one month, he was struck with malaria. Hospital officials assisted him and he was well. Later, at four months, we observed he had started to paralyze on top of stomach swelling. We again took him to QUECH where we spent with him one year at the Physiotherapy,” explained Ellen Andiseni, mother to Anthony.

Ellen further told our reporter that ten years later, thus in the year 2018, Anthony was taken again to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Bile failure.

The problem led to, among others, digestion hiccups and they advised to start feeding him soft food stuffs.

Having leant of the boy’s story, a youth organisation by the name Kaso mobilized groceries and other items that were today handed over to his mother.

Some of the items included cooking oil, maize flour, bathing and washing soap, yoghurt, eggs, milk and blankets, among others.

Speaking on the sidelines of the donation, Mphatso Mwandidya who is the group’s Acting Director said as what the group lives for, they saw it wise to do the exercise.

“We do not have much, but Anthony’s situation is very much pathetic and it reacquires help. We have done this after we watched his story on Mibawa television” she explained.

She also appealed to Malawians of good will to assist the family.

And Anthony’s mother was all smiles for the help, saying it will help to ease her situation.

Anthony is a first born in a family of three children. And Kaso Youth Organization is a 16-member grouping, Green Corner-based that started in the year 2017.

Among others, the group helps in girl child empowerment apart from helping the needy, be it the elderly, orphans and the disabled among others.

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