TONSE alliance refutes internal disorder allegations

By Blessings Mtika


The Tonse alliance has refuted allegations being spread by the opposition parties that they are divisions in the alliance in terms of approaching developmental matters.

According to a press release signed by MCP’s and UTM’s publicity secretaries Rev Maurice Munthali and Dr. Chidanti Malunga respectively, MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and UTMs president Dr Saulos Chilima are in good terms and them working hard to wash away the dirt dented by the past leadership.

“Contrary to the wishful thinking of the opposition, leaders of the tonse alliance, namely the MCP’s President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and the UTMs president Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima who are also the state president and the vice president respectively are united in their resolve to work together in cleaning up the nauseating mess created and left by the past regime,” indicated the statement.

The statement also indicated that the Tonse alliance is committed to work on development matters as one and serve every Malawian regardless of parties they are affiliated to.

“It’s our principal and unanimous resolution as the leading partners of the Tonse alliance to forge ahead as one in approaching and handling all development matters In the interest of and as a service to all Malawians without regard to party affiliation”, indicated the statement.

Regardless of the allegations, the Tonse alliance says it is delighted to have Malawians that were misled by the past regime joining them.

On a similar note, as promised to govern Malawi by the rule of law, present Dr Lazarus Chakwera will today on Thursday 10th September, 2020 appear in parliament to answer

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