Tonse alliance loyalists frustrated: feel betrayed by Chakwera

Dr Lazarus M Chakwera

Great expectations borne frustrated men, especially in Tonse alliance where loyalists who hoped to be appointed in top positions seem to be left out.

People who took the alliance like their father’s private estate are seen failing to hold their disgruntled faces. Their hearts are aching. They are beginning to harbour immense animosity against their once father figure, Lazarus Chakwera.

All the revered positions they hoped for have been given to other people. They’re left out to be mere blockheads. They are feeling like used condoms.

It has been revealed that these dolts have resorted to revolt against their own father figure, of course, indirectly, through sponsoring demonstrators and other revolutionary movements that aims at destroying Chakwera and his government.

In Karonga. They’re behind the anarchy characterising the central constituency where by elections are scheduled to take place.

The recent demonstrations by women who were disguising as rights defenders are believed to have been fueled by the same greedy dunderheads.

Reliable sources in the alliance confided in akometsi that there is hell inside. The hatred unleashed on Chakwera begins within the alliance.

Behind all Facebook accounts that spit swear words at everything the president does lies people who once touted him as the only visionary leader for Malawi.

Commentary by Akometsi

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