Three men ordered to serve a jail sentence for breaking at Kalibu Academy in Chileka area

Three people have gained a jail sentence each after the Chisenjere First Grade Magistrate Court found them guilty for breaking into a building and committing a felony therein.

The three are Matias Milanzie, Peter Kanfozi and Betere Pelera.

On 8 September, 2020 Mr Clement Foster Sekeyani an accountant for Kalibu Academy reported to Police that he went to the bank and withdrew a sum of k9,200,000( nine million two hundred thousand Kwacha) for the payment of general workers salaries and supporting the pastor who works at the institution.

When coming back, He separated the money by taking out 5.7 million meant for paying general workers, putting it in her laptop bag and left it behind her drawer.

He then put the 3.5 million meant for supporting the pastor and put it in his drawer.

After preparing some payslips he locked the windows, door and knocked off since it was in the evening.

The following morning when coming back, he was surprised to see that the window was not still locked as he had left it.

He then checked where she had left the money and discovered that a bag containing 5.7 million Kwacha which was meant for salaries of general workers was stolen.

The report was received by Chileka Police and a file was opened.

Investigations were instituted.

After some few days the suspects were arrested by Kanengo Police CID at Kaphatenga area as the they were on their way to Salima.

They were brought back to Chileka and were taken to court.

They all pleaded guilty to the charge of Breaking into a building and committing felony therein.

His worship George Chimombo therefore convicted and sentenced Matias Milanzie and Betere Pelera to 66 months IHL and Peter Kanfozi to 72 months IHL.

Matias Milanzie is aged 22 and comes from Guta Village, Traditional Authority Malemia and Betere Pelera 20 comes from Kalimbi village in the area of Tengani both in Nsanje District while Peter Kanfozi 33, comes from Khwethemule Village, Traditional Authority Changata in Thyolo district.

Peter Mchiza, Public Relations Officer, Chileka Police Station.

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