Teachers WhatsApp group vents anger on YONECO, braands it at Anti-Anti-teacher NGO

The animosity between teachers and Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) refuses to take off as teachers in a WhatsApp group continue to lampoon the organization.

According to the irate teachers, YONECO hates teachers with a passion and exists just to shame teachers and prosecute them based on profound hatred the organization has on educators.

The teachers who have urged their mother body, the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) to intervene on the continued molesting of its members by YONECO, highlighted that the organization in question has made lives of male teachers miserable.

“Our colleagues have wrongly been prosecuted and lost their jobs because of this clueless organization. If they hate teachers why can’t they take the girls and teach them themselves? This organization is rubbish,” ranted one of the teachers in the group.

“If it’s an organization that is bent on safeguarding girls from getting pregnancies where is it now that the girls are being impregnated rampantly by other villagers? Why can’t they pursue the issues? That organization is mean and rubbish,” roared another teacher.

Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) is a nongovernmental organization that was formed in September 1997 to, among other things, address social injustices among the youth.

In pursuit of justice, the organization has been pursuing cases involving teachers suspected to have impregnated learners and creating awareness on where girls that are facing injustices can be reporting their issues.

Through such implementations, other teachers were found guilty on charges of defilement and rape a situation that coasted their jobs and dented the teaching profession.

According to concerned teachers, YONECO is giving Malawians a raw deal and is swindling donor funding on issues that are bent on creating a negative impression about teachers.

“In the communities we live, people call us rapists and can’t trust us with their girl children. What they’re spearheading has repercussions on the smooth running of education,” lamented another teacher in their WhatsApp group.

Meanwhile, akometsi understand that the concerned teachers have written a letter addressing Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) and other stakeholders in the education sector to intervene on the cat and rat abhorrence between the two parties.

There was no immediate comment from YONECO on the matter because the questioner that our reporter had sent the office was not addressed till publication of this article.

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