Teachers to be insidious without risk allowances: academia quashes exam calendars

By staff writer

News that schools will resume in Malawi after a five months break has received a backlash from some quarters of the society as teachers vow to be insidious in discharging their duties if government will snub their call for a MK60, 000 monthly risk allowance.

While some members from the academia have described the move by the ministry of education to reopen schools on September 7, 2020 as commendable and timely, others have dismayed the proposed examination calendars.

According to the conversation Akometsi is monitoring on the social media and other electronic media outlets, people believe that the three weeks period before exams given to senior primary school candidates is not enough.

From where most of the commentators stand, the haste will likely result into poor performance of learners in both MSCE, PTCE and PSLCE.

On the other hand, disgruntled teachers have threatened to use insidious ways of demonstrating to government should it remain mum on giving them their risk allowances.

In teacher’s forums online, Akometsi is monitoring a heated conversation among teachers who mostly are of the view that any tricky business from government on their risk allowances will bear negative consequences in the education sector.

“Nobody messes up with teachers. We’ve our on styles of demonstrating our dissatisfaction to powers that be. Let them play tricks on our risk allowances. They’ll testify to this,” said one of the teachers in Teachers talk forum.

The conversation has been ignited by the ministry of education response on the issue which, according to teachers is unsatisfactory.

The ministry through its principle secretary said the issue of teachers risk allowances is still under discussion and the public will be informed on the outcomes soon.

The issue, evoked heated debate on the social media of the past weeks as some schools of thoughts maintained that teachers do not deserve risk allowances.


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