Teachers say they are not at risk of corona virus as Govt said: question use of facemasks

By: Staff Writer

Teachers in the country have asked authorities to stop bulldozing them to be following corona virus preventive measures because they are indeed, as Malawians had argued earlier on, not at risk of contracting the virus.

Reports indicate that education authorities are sanctioning teachers who are not following corona virus preventive measures in their respective workplaces with forced unpaid leave.

According to information gathered by akometsi current affairs desk, hundreds of teachers have faced the calamities following an ongoing inspection being conducted across the country.

One of the victimized teachers, Abel Chirwa, confided in akometsi that he was found without putting on a facemask and was sanctioned with a forced unpaid leave.

“I’m asthmatic and, putting on a mask poses danger to my life due to the nature of my chronical disease. I had communicated the issue to my immediate authorities but when the inspectors came and found me without facemask, they took my details and issued me a forced unpaid leave,” he claimed.

The inspectors also, according to our sources, force teachers and learners to be observing social distancing and washing hands regularly to prevent the spread of the virus.

“This contradicts with earlier arguments by government and other stakeholders who maintained that we, teachers, are not at risk of contracting the virus and that only health workers deserve risk allowances. We expected them to act inline with their arguments and let us operate without PPEs and any preventive measures,” fumed Chirwa.

Since the schools were reopened on September 7, no any corona virus case of a teacher or a leaner has been recorded in the country and government remains coy on giving the teachers their demanded risk allowances.

The teachers Mother body, TUM, has also been mute on the issue.

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