STOP BICKERING! UTM and MCP youth cronies told

Staff Writer

Political analyst George Phiri of the University of Livingstonia has urged members from the Malawi Congress party to swallow their pride and coexist well with others in the Tonse alliance, citing that their bickering contradicts the Malawi okomela tonse philosophy.

Speaking in reaction to the ongoing infighting between supporters of MCP and UTM, Phiri said, it is too early for the two to be castigating each other because Malawians are expecting a lot from their alliance.

Since Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of MCP was elected to power on June 23rd, there’s been an intense internal fighting withing the Tonse alliance over superiority and relevance.

Each party, especially the two, MCP and UTM feel they are more superior and contributed the most to Chakwera’s triumph.

Social media teams from both sides have been demeaning each other for some time and nobody seem to be swallowing their pride.

One thing noteworthy is the succession dilemma come 2025 as both sides are still eager to see their leaders being fielded.

According to Phiri, all this has no Malawians on the equation. It is, he said, time for the Tonse alliance to deliver their promises and stop the infighting.

“Malawians are waiting for affordable fertilizer, good business environment, affordable education fees to mention a few. Not this bickering,” said Phiri.

He added: “it is unfortunate that the youths are in the forefront spearheading hateful speeches. This will not help Malawi. They’ve to work together to achieve their common goals.”

There is another competition between the two parties especially on which is welcoming more defectors. Both parties seem to be gearing for the next elections in 2025 already by recruiting most independent members of parliament and also some from the previous ruling party DPP.

Meanwhile, there has not been any official communication from both parties in reaction to all of these backbiting in the alliance.



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