Social media reacts to Chakwera’s inaugural SONA

By staff writer

Views and reactions continue to pour in on the maiden state of national address (SONA) which president Lazarus Chakwera delivered on Friday, September 4 at the Parliament building in Lilongwe.

Generally, everyone is commenting on a sector in the SONA that directly responds to their priorities in life.

For civil servants, their views vary on whether judging from the SONA things will get better in respective work places or it will be calamities as usual.

For business people, economist and the jobless, the address has brought both optimism and skepticism to them because views vary from person to person.

In a nutshell, the SONA has ignited controversy in all facets but everyone is still expectant to see all the promises the Tonse Alliance made during the campaign period being delivered under the leadership of Chakwera.

“He has spoken well and usually, words are easy than actions. We’re here, waiting for cheap fertilizer, soft loans, duty free week and all that,” said Grandson Chipofya in commenting on the address posted on Malawi government official page.

“I’ve problems with his idea of constructing houses for MPs in their respective constituencies. I feel like that is not a good idea. MPs can’t live in villages because they’ve businesses to run in town,” said Zee Geoffrey on the same post.

Titus Gondwe cautioned government on establishing diplomatic relations with countries like Israel and Nigeria citing that the move would pose security threat in the country.

“Before establishing other missions let’s evaluate how our country has benefited from the existing relations. Otherwise,” he said. “I’ve issues with ties with Israel and Nigeria looking at the backgrounds of them both.”

Other commentators casted doubt on the roadmap in agriculture sector saying the address did not provide sufficient evidence on diversification of agriculture in the country.

“Farmers want reliable markets to sell their produce. The SONA did not provide adequate evidence on this. Otherwise, agriculture is useless without reliable markets,” said Enoch Zaibu on the post.

On the other hand, other schools of thought urged Malawians to be patient with the new government saying the direction a country is taking can not be judged from a SONA.

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