Social media lampoons MPs for asking Chakwera “useless” questions

By: Staff Writer

Social media has described Members of Parliament in Malawi as clueless blockheads who needs to be flushed out from the honourable house.

The social media has unleashed the wrath on the distinguished members of Parliament following what they described as ‘rubbish’ questions the honourable members were asking President Lazarus Chakwera when he appeared for questioning in Parliament on Wednesday.

According to social media commentators, all the questions asked during this providential day demonstrated that Malawians voted for dunderheads who can not represent the interest of their constituents.

Leonardo Chipasupasu Jnr who commented on Malawi Government official Facebook page post which listed questions the MPs had lined up to ask Chakwera demanded an immediate reinstatement of section 64 (recall provision) which enabled voters to fire their incompetent MPs.

“Rubbish! childish! stupid and nuisance questions. These rats must be deleted from Parliament,” read his comment in part.

Humphreys Gondwe expressed dismay at the honourables for demonstrating that they are clueless on the needs of Malawians.

“We have a crop of rabbits disguising as MPs. These guys are a waste of time and resources. They must be booted out from the distinguished house. We expected them to roast Chakwera with burning questions not these rubbish,” he fumed.

Meanwhile, other commentators wish these legislators had asked Chakwera on when his administration will honour promises of free university education, fat salaries in civil service and how his government will deal with ‘state capture’ among others.

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