Social Media goofs on Mulanje Vehicle dumping, owners come forward

There were reports and photos which circulated on social media on Saturday morning suggesting that three vehicles were dumped in Mulanje. As turns out, the story is fake.

According to investigations by Akometsi, the vehicles, MZ 1442, KA 7672 and MJ 2067 owned by Vincent Kafwamba, Eaton Mmela and Peter Mwamondwe were packed there when they hiked the Midima Mountain located at MUST turn off, close to Mikolongwe Farm.

Mughogho and friends at Midima Mountain.
At the hike
Another Midima Hike Picture by the group.
One of the pictures which circulated on Social Media

“It was shocking to see social media reports indicating that the vehicles we parked while we hiked the Mulanje Mountain were said to have been dumped and when we came back, we found the Police there,” explained Colby Mughogho who runs Bushcamper and Adventures.

Mughogho also expressed his disappointment at the news and how it has affected his business.

“It was irritating and an embarrassing moment especially for myself because these people are my clients I came here to hike with them and one of them works at Reserve Bank. He was subjected to an unncessary redicule and social media rumours,” he said.

Poster advertising the hike which was uploaded on Social Media before incident.
Traffic Police Profile for one of the vehicle owners submitted at the request of Akometsi Team.

When asked by Police to produce evidence, the owners quickly produced keys to the vehicles and were able to say before hand some of the items they had left in the vehicles as well as producing supporting documents and their identification. 

Of late, there have been reports in the media of MRA stolen vehicles which were dumped in different location, a trend that has made many Malawians to suspect every vehicle they find packed without guard.

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