Sad story of a a village chief asking government to probe DPP governor Mchacha

Village headman Timothy of Traditional Authority Thomas in Thyolo West has called on the new Tonse alliance administration to bail them out of the chieftaincy wrangles they have been facing for more than a decade.

Village Headman Timothy claims that member of Parliament for Thyolo West Charles Mchacha has been abusing his powers in the area to take over other chieftaincy to enlarge his territory.

In an exclusive interview with Akometsi, village headman Timothy said the Mchacha’s brutally murdered Village headman Ngomano in 1994 to take over his territory and powers.

“We call on the current government to help us investigate and bring out the culprits to justice as the previous regimes did nothing to address the issue. What has been bothering us for many years is that nothing is being done to give us justice on the matter because now the Mchacha’s are trading as chief Ngomano while they don’t belong to this tribe so we want the government to solve this issue once and for all,” said Village headman Timothy

The chief also accuses Mchacha of torturing him for trying to block him from attaining group village headmanship of Wilson village.

“I was shot with a live bullet and had to spend time behind bars for more than 2 years just because I was against the idea of him taking over the Wilson Group village headman position and I have experienced hell on earth for this move,” he said.

According to village headman Timothy, chiefs in Thyolo West are not at peace because every new day brings it’s own battles over the chieftaincy in the area.

So far they have challenged Mchacha to bring forward evidence that his claims are right about taking over the positions in the area.

The people of Wilson village have also bemoaned lack of development projects in the area since Mchacha has not been productive to the area but has been only concentrating on the chieftaincy issues.

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