Roasted! Nankhumwa fails to rise to the occasion

By Staff Writer


Social and political commentators in the country, say they wished the leader of opposition, Kondwani Nankhumwa could have remained silent during president Chakwera question time in Parliament on Thursday to save himself from humiliation.

Nankhumwa who had gained a lot of morale through what others described as his ‘prudent’ reaction to the presidential state of national address seemed to have lost some credit when he asked president Chakwera what people deem to be out of context questions.

The former minister in the previous government had asked, among other ‘petty’ questions, the whereabouts of John Chisi and Frank Mwenefumbo as people who had helped Chakwera during the presidential election campaign through the Tonse Alliance.

George Phiri, a political scientist cum lecture at the University of Livingstone has described the questions by Nankhumwa as useless and out of context.

“Missed opportunity. If he had nothing to ask, silence would have saved him from Shame. Otherwise, commenting on everything deems someone useless. Its bad to talk too much,” said Phiri.

He added: “people expected relevant questions to the president, like on issues concerning agriculture, education, health and all that and not about John Chisi. For what?”

Another political commentator, Healings Mfune who also leads Mzuzu Young Politicians alliance described all the questions asked by parliamentarians to the president as rubbish and childish.

Chakwera made history as the first president to ever avail himself for questioning after a SONA delivery in Malawi

“All their questions were rubbish and useless. A waste of time. This only shows that we have the worst clueless MPs in the country who doesn’t know the needs of their people,” fumed Mfune.

“The likes of Kamlepo Kalua,” he added. “Asked stupid questions. Questions that responds to their personal needs not the needs of people in their constituencies.”

The commentator further suggested that Malawians should just be given the platform to ask questions to the presidents for themselves citing that people entrusted with the questioning ask very gibberish questions.

“Maybe a call in program can do. Otherwise, even our journalists ask very silly questions to the authorities,” roared Mfune.

Chakwera became the first president to fulfil constitutional obligation for the president to be going to Parliament and answer questions from members of the house.


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