Risk allowance SAGA! Teachers to boycott exam invigilations

By Staff Writer

Some irate teachers have vowed to boycott invigilation of the upcoming examinations if government will not give them risk allowances.

In an interview with akometsi, the irate teachers described the snub from government on the issue as an indication that they are being disregarded in the society.

Thomas Chirwa who teaches at Kamwanjiwa primary school in Nkhatabay who leads a group of disgruntled teachers in the northern region, urged all teachers in the country to be in solidarity when boycotting invigilation of examinations.

“We feel like being used like condoms. We are useless in the society. Every dog is bucking at us when we’re raising our issues. Its time we give chance to people who are deserving. Who feel like teachers are not at risk but prison warders and policemen,” roared Chirwa.

He added: “the problem with other teachers is that they will still go and invigilate the exams. In this way, we want send a strong message to government that we’re at risk. I urge all teaches to snub the exams.”

Chirwa who also referred to an incident where HSAs boycotted corona virus management trainings ahead of reopening of schools due to low allowances, called upon his fellow teachers to emulate the solidarity portrayed by healthy workers.

Invigilators boycott will certainly threaten the examination integrity and credibility

He said, people have always been disregarding teachers because they don’t speak one voice, hence they don’t send a strong message to authorities.

“Look we’re faced with immense challenges in line of our duty. We live in shucks and our salaries are very low. But because we accept even garbage they keep on feeding is trush. Its time that we wake up and prove our relevance,” added Chirwa.

This comes following a press briefing which was conducted in Lilongwe, recently, by concerned teachers who vowed never to start teaching before government gives them their risk allowances.

The issue of risk allowances for teachers have remained subject to a heated debate as other schools of thought believes teachers do not deserve the allowances.

Meanwhile, minister of education, Agnes Nyalonje, has told the local media that the issue of risk allowances is not within her ministry’s jurisdiction.

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